Maihuenia Poepigii, commonly known in Chile as maihuén or hierba del guanaco, is a succulent cactus shrub native to Chile and Argentina. M. poepigii is remarkably tolerant to moisture and cold temperatures.

For a balanced development, it is best to position the the Maihuenia poeppigii in a place where it is exposed to at least a few hours of direct sunlight. Water these plants only from time to time if grown outdoors, but it should be watered abundantly if grown in a pot or in the greenhouse, during the summer.

Phonetic Spelling: may-hew-EN-ee-uh po-ep-PIG-ee-eye
Scientific Name: Maihuenia poeppigii
Family: Cactaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Maihuenia
Species: M. Poeppigii
Native to: Chile, Argentina
Rank: Species
Sun Exposure: Full to Partial Shade
Bloom Time: Late Spring
Bloom Color: Lemon-Yellow
Watering Needs: Rarely if indoors and generously if outside
Zones: 6a to 11b