OPUNTIA LEPTOCAULIS- Called "Christmas Cholla", "Pencil Cholla", "Desert Christmas Cholla", "Teddybear Cholla", and "Teasajillo" in Spanish. Another listed scientific name is Cylindropuntia lepocaulis.

A pretty, but prickly native of the Sonora Desert of California to Arizona, and Northern Mexico, all the way to Texas. Very attractive yellow flowers when blooming, this plant has long spines, many glochids- make great security fence! The fruits can be eaten when ripe, generally in December, and can be mildly intoxicating. Green fruits can be boiled and eaten as a veggie. Winter hardy and fairly easy to grow in most climates where it does not freeze for long periods of time. These like heavier soils like the desert flats they are found in naturally. These can reach from 1 to 6 feet high.